__7 north vancouver youth create a site specific sculpture installation at lonsdale quay, north vancouver, bc, canada

March 23, 2010

zinced for spring


  1. hello diasporic viewfinders,
    marcus and i picked up the pieces today,
    what do you think of the galvanized surface on the pieces?

  2. They look really.... silver. =D

  3. so do you like the silver wen ching?

  4. i personally love the silver. it would be nice to have a touch of color here and there though. nothing too crazy of course, while keeping them unified as they are now.

  5. thanks shaghayegh for your comments,
    i always liked the idea of galvanizing them but i was not sure how well this would provide good visual contrast between these objects and their garden bed.
    first thing i thought when i saw them today was"wow, they look great".
    where would you put color on your pieces?

  6. lol My mommy thought my magnifying glass was a fly swatter on a windowsill, and my daddy thought it looked like a road sign that says beware of overhead. ;___; And then they had the audacity to say good art is interpretive.

  7. that's fantastic,
    i enjoyed my first laugh of the day with that.

  8. hahahha that's funny Wenching. love your parents already.

    If I were to color my work, I think the color would go on the string for the shark piece and on the dots of the farsi writing on the teapot piece. both in red.

  9. Fabulous!
    Can't wait to see those babies in person :)

    Thank you James and Marcu!
    Thank you thank you thank you thank you